On July 25, NASA tested one of its RS-25 engines. The RS-25 engine isn’t just any engine — it’s a rocket engine that will launch the most powerful rocket in history — the Space Launch System (SLS) — in 2019.

This was the third successful test of the RS-25 engines. When SLS launches, there will be four RS-25 engines helping it lift off — as well as two solid rocket boosters.

In total, the rocket will generate 8 million pounds of thrust, enabling it to lift a payload weighing the equivalent of 11 African elephants into space.

That might sound like a lot, but this is the rocket that NASA might one day use to send the first astronauts to Mars. If that mission comes, it will require a lot of supplies. Suffice it say, this rocket was built to get the job done right.

Credit: Tech Insider


  1. I can see why our Earth is so polluted now.. Traffic Vehicles are just the minority, the rest are all polluted by scientists.

  2. Instead of competing these space organizations should collaborate…. NASA, ESA, ISRO ,JAXA we can only imagine where we will reach….

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  4. You know how we can get to Mars without the need for new rockets? More boosters, and struts. Lots of and lots of struts.

  5. Ooooohh, I am so excited. NOT. After years of development and billions spent, NASA have managed to build a rocket engine with just ONE-THIRD the thrust of the old F-1's used on the Saturn V in the 1960's.

  6. It sorta begs the question, why would you want to put elephants into space?
    I guess one reason would be to see the size of the splat they make when they fall back that height.

  7. If earth was flat we could see American to UK right? So if the moon is 9 billion fucking trillions away and we can still see it in the sky so explain that flat earth people

    You can't get that pile of shit out of your mind earth is round and stays round

  8. Only thing you guys forgot to mention is that this is the same exact engine as on the space shuttle orbiters…

  9. CNN headlines "NASA builds rocket to put 11 African elephants into space as a pilot program to the first zoo in space!"

  10. and this is all thanks to Hitler and the Nazis.. hard to believe but I guess something good came out of so much tragedy

  11. 1969: I bet we'd be living on Mars by the 2000s!

    2017: We're building a rocket that can carry 11 elephants to space. For educational purposes that is.

    fucking goverment and the military!!!!! just share youre anti gravity technology with the world already, god damnit!!!!!!!


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