Tesla is now delivering the Model 3, its first mass-market car. The Model 3 is much cheaper than previous Tesla vehicles and Tesla says it will one day be capable of driving itself.

Credit: Tech Insider : source


  1. I dont really like how the touchscreen is not flush with the dash/center panel it makes it feel flimsy and like if I were to bump into it I could break it off its mounting. There is a lot of empty and unusable space behind it so there is no reason why they couldnt have just reinforced behind there a bit and not had this flimsy looking mounting of the touchscreen

  2. You know what other piece of tech comes out July 28th? The emoji movie!.. I can't wait for this meme to die.

  3. Is that red car a Kamen Rider reference?
    (Saban's 90s Masked Rider is still a cesspit of a show to this day, by the way.)

  4. Great, the same info I already knew. Keep this bullshit to Facebook and leave YouTube alone unless you're going to do something useful.

  5. "if regulations are loosened, the car could drive itself" as in "who the fk cares if its safe or not, lets us sell the damn car and let dumb rich people kill themselvs or run over people cuz its not a complete safe car"


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