Elon Musk recently announced the SpaceX Falcon Heavy will have its maiden flight in November 2017. The rocket has three cores, and when it launches will be the most powerful rocket in the world. We can’t wait!

Credit: Tech Insider


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  2. You love your history and that's why you are a great nation…I would be proud to be an american, but still love my country : France…
    I expect that it will be a total success…

  3. NASA has a big, chunky clunky rockets that can easily explode with it's aerostatic design. But SpaceX have all of their stages back to earth, even a big dick size rocket design still, can flew through the atmosphere.

  4. Fastest rocket. Faster than this shitty cringy cancerous misleading little einsteins rocket ship that does not fly in the fucking outer space. Roctets does not fly over earth, it flys in the outer space. Fuck this show


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