Large asteroids colliding with Earth is extremely rare. However, if that happens, it could mean the end of civilization as we know it. NASA isn’t taking any chances. It is currently developing DART, a small spacecraft that will crash into an asteroid to deflect it from Earth.

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  1. If they orbit eachother an NASA is thinking how it'll effect the other asteroid, are they bringing in thoughts of quantum entaglement?

  2. Just think of the euphoria if it did work on a threatening asteroid? It would be the first time in earth's history that species-not a religion or race-determined it's own future.

  3. but what would happen if that asteroid we pushed off course crashes into an alien planet and causes a invasion on earth cus u know… humans like to ruin everything. no offence by the way.

  4. Wait but what if the asteroid wasn't on course for Earth after all and DART actually moves it into the direction of hitting Earth

  5. That's bad ass. At least they are doing something worthwhile with their substantially insufficient government funding. I do similar educational videos on my channel. Anyone reading this should check it out.

  6. Plot Twist: DART impacts the asteroid and throws it off its original course only to re-direct it towards Earth where it will strike in 2050. Thanks NASA.

  7. Watch when NASA pushes one of the asteroids off course the other orbiting it now has a course set for Earth combined with debris from the other asteroid following it

  8. That is fucking stupid. There is a huge risk of either shattering the asteroid or accidentally misplace the dart. Putting up the concave mirrors to burn a part of the asteroid so that it veers off course is the best way imo. And its also sustainable. Like if it makes a mistake it can just correct it.

  9. we now need to put arabs and bombs in the DART and we are good to go

    Just a joke,sorry if you're offended

  10. they focus on something that wont happen for at least hundreds of years but no one focuses on global warming, they(us government) don't even believe in it! what idiot

  11. imagine if it did change the direction of the asteroid but now its headed right to a planet that has life too but we killed it haha

  12. But, what happens if we push it off course and it causes a chain reaction that results in even more asteroids or larger asteroids, which weren't previously a danger, being directed at Earth?

  13. What a flaw design. DART hitting the size of a small town and hoping that it will change course? From the looks at the size of that thrusters. I say its useless!

  14. heres an idea use the sun as a wepaon like a magnifying glass and the burn the bithc make a sun laser as it aproaches

  15. DART Space craft ? Well it protects our home but the Earth was hit by the asteroids right when DART Space craft isn't bulid yet.


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