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Artificial intelligence and machine learning gained a lot of traction in healthcare in 2017 — and not as buzzwords hinting at some future state.

Plenty of hype arose, to be certain. But use cases, even some in fits and starts, also emerged to offer hospital and IT executives a clearer picture of where the technologies are headed and how they can be used to improve operations and, perhaps most important, patient care.

There’s still a lot to learn. Cutting through that hype and demystifying what have long been considered space-age or sci-fi technologies to determine the realistic state of the industry and, indeed, moving AI out of the dark are two of the most pressing topics at the upcoming HIMSS and Healthcare IT News AI and Machine Learning for Healthcare event.

Experts will also address topics ranging from trust, transparency and transformation to how AI and machine learning algorithms will advance the grand vision of a learning health system.

A triptych of case studies will focus on the following: analyzing EMR data to detect early colorectal cancer, reducing risk by putting patients at the center of care, and predicting readmissions at the point of care.

Speakers will also share insights about strategies for selecting machine learning vendors, a ‘Do this Don’t do That’ session on implementing AI into the clinician workflow, an in-depth look into the differences between conventional and specialized machine learning, and lessons learned in applying the technologies to precision medicine programs.

The day concludes with a forward-looking keynote about the road to healthcare’s promised land by overcoming existing obstacles to improve healthcare for doctors, patients and their families.

The HIMSS and Healthcare IT News AI and Machine Learning for Healthcare event will take place on March 5 at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.

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